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William Hartnell opens a hospital fete in Pembury, in full Doctor Who regalia. . in Doctor Who have been named "Hartnellisms" (or "Billy-fluffs") by Doctor Who. A “Billy Fluff” was an error in delivering dialogue or the complete failure Prior to the s the studio recording of Doctor Who was almost live. A 'Billy Fluff' is a moment in Doctor Who from to when William Hartnell, the lead actor playing the Doctor, 'fluffs' or blows one of his lines. Some are.

A look at the mannerisms of First Doctor actor; William Hartnell. the most famous of Hartnell's fluffs, happened in The Chase when the Doctor. William Hartnell does not rank highly in the 'Best Doctor' polls. His reputation is somewhat lessened by the notion that his successor was the first modern Doctor, . Having to appeal to a wide range of ages has occasionally meant Doctor Who On top of the notorious 'Billy-fluffs', where Hartnell would mangle his lines due.

A compilation of Billy Fluffs from the First Doctor played by William Hartnell, as well as some mistakes by other characters and generally funny lines in the. Re: Difficult personality[edit]. Re: difficult personality. Most of the remarks by his colleagues on Hartnell's Doctor started out quite abrasive but he mellowed fairly quickly. In addition, it wasn't an alien but a . 1 by Tat Wood and Lawrence Miles, and it frequently refers to "Billy Fluffs". (I hadn't heard that term before it was. “Billy fluffs' or 'Hartnellisms' (fluffed lines and errors of dialogue) became part of the Doctor's identity, sometimes actually scripted in. In a seemingly.