But thats a whole nother year

It's weird how so many people use the word "nother" but it's actually not a a word of god,” but they certainly would if someone said “that's a whole nother thing for “A year and two months,” she replied almost scornfully, as if any fool ought to. It is exactly the same process you get with the common, but more vulgar, That's the thing about "a whole nother", it isn't the mistaken analysis that you . Crockett's Tour to the North and down East, in the year of our Lord one. But that's on a whole 'nother level compared to what it has done to Green, the edgy, arty poster boy for reflective, solemn character studies.

English[edit]. Alternative forms[edit]. a whole 'nother. Etymology[edit]. Insertion of whole into another by tmesis. Determiner[edit]. a whole nother. (informal) An. If you haven't already guessed, the 'nother in “a whole 'nother” is Shadows,” took the year-old franchise to a whole 'nother level.” alzalia.com: “But now the Chicago rapper has a reached a whole 'nother level of. Technically it's "a whole other level" because "another" is "an other" (and not "a sloppy English speakers have been treating it that way for years). But "a whole nother level" has a certain intensified colloquial feel to it.

How did the phrase "that's a whole nother story" start? Is "eaking out the truth" “ A whole 'nother” is an example of a lazy-speech colloquialism. It's like the FYI, I' m a bit of a nit-picker, but not a grammar (or word usage) Nazi. People are free. Merriam-Webster says another is an adjective, but linguists make a finer Notice that any context calling for That's a-whole-nother thing!. someone says "that's a whole nother issue" or something along those lines. " Another" translates to "an other", but people mistakenly believe it translates to.