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'Doctor Who' actor Peter Capaldi sent a sweet letter to a kid worried about the Doctor's regeneration. Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi wrote a touching letter to a young fan who was dreading saying farewell to his favourite Time Lord. Capaldi's iteration of the classic TV character regenerated during the show's Christmas special, with Jodie Whittaker now stepping into those. After four years in the TARDIS, Peter Capaldi's stint on Doctor Who has come to an end. Even though he's leaving the series in the able hands.

A pair of Doctor Who fans received letters from Peter Capaldi on the day of his show departure assuring them he will be "always there,. Peter Capaldi has sent a touching letter to a young Doctor Who fan who was concerned about his favourite Time Lord leaving the show. Author. And then he got this letter with some words of comfort from the Doctor himself among his Santa presents. Such a kind man.

Regeneration is an inevitable part of any Timelord's story, but that doesn't mean it's not tough for Doctor Who fans. The prospect of meeting. The Twelfth Doctor made one young boy's Christmas with his Peter Capaldi wrote a sweet letter to help a young Doctor Who fan cope with.