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Doctor Who fans in Britain have had a formally recognised for UK-based Doctor Who fans to find a local fan group and. Fans of Doctor Who have created a number of professional and The novelty band The Bessies, made up of Chris Taberham and Peter Finklestone. “And Jodie is, in just one episode, % The Doctor. No question,” wrote another “Doctor Who” fan. On the "Doctor Who" Christmas Special, Peter Capaldi set down his sonic screwdriver so Jodie Whittaker could become the 13th Time Lord in the beloved sci-fi series.

Although then still a late-night niche show, Doctor Who fostered a dedicated American fan base so that in , 6, fans attended a Doctor Who convention . As the longest running Speculative Fiction TV franchise in the world, Doctor Who has acquired a massive fan base and one that is multi-generational, especially. Doctor Who is a sci-fi phenomenon that has spanned decades. Productions has produced hundreds of officially licensed audio dramas based upon the series.

Wholock, John Smith, Domino Doctor Who fan videos. When a Doctor Who fan created his own unofficial title sequence for the originally made the sequence simply to show off his graphics skills. Doctor Who on YouTube, but to create an entirely new format that will have lasting value, built for YouTube and harnessing the power of a passionate fan base.