Dr who dalek found in pond

A Dalek from Doctor Who was found submerged in a pond by volunteers enlisted to clear it of rubbish. Of all things to find at the bottom of a pond, a Doctor Who Dalek probably is the last thing one would expect. While volunteers were cleaning up. During a routine dredging of rubbish from a pond near Hampshire, a group of volunteers happened upon a submerged, original Dalek from.

Volunteer Marc Oakland was stunned when he pulled the head of a Dalek from the murky depths of a pond he was helping to clean. A volunteer crew cleaning a pond in the UK found a Dalek hiding at now the Doctor's new companion, unearthed the Dalek (seen here) as. I'm not sure exactly which story it was but they were filming in the area during the classic era and one of the Daleks "went missing" assumed.

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