How many people in miami marathon

The Miami Marathon is an annual marathon sporting event spanning the cities of Miami and Year, Men, Time, Women, Time. One of the greatest aspects of the Fitbit Miami Marathon & Half Marathon is its diversity. We typically welcome over 20, runners from all Results from the Fitbit Miami Marathon, Miami Half Marathon and Tropical 5K.

Miami Marathon. Friends, family and curious spectators will fill the roadways with inspiring sights and sounds to cheer on the many that choose to RUN MIAMI!. People running together. A test of endurance, strength and will. Join 20, fellow runners, walkers, and wheelchair athletes on a gorgeous course through. Enjoy the fabulous Miami hot spots along our beautiful course. Plus, join our Half Marathon or Tropical 5K and see why so many choose to RUN MIAMI!.

Cooke said the “Miami Marathon seemed like a perfect race from a timing perspective to try and get as many people together as possible to. “This is a world-class marathon with people from all over the world running,” said Bob Barnard, whose Greater Fort Lauderdale Road Runners. The 15th running of the Miami Marathon and Half Marathon took off at at the 23 -mile mark to defeat Kenyan men's runner-up Hillary Too ( for . lined the streets at the start, many standing from packed bleachers in. running race, which is among the nation's hottest in so many ways, will celebrate its 15th year. Miami Marathon Has 25, Ready to Run A small group of men and women stands to the side, behind a rope.