How to add another user on macbook

The new user you create when you first set up your Mac is an administrator. Your Mac can have multiple administrators. You can create new. MacBook Air, How to add new user. Posted on Apr 21, Apple menu/ System Preferences/Users & Groups. At the bottom, right above the. The sharing-only account allows the user to copy or open shared files from your MacBook remotely (from another computer), but that user can't directly log in to.

This account is the one you need to set up a new user from. Administrators can add and manage other users on the Mac, install apps, and. Setting up multiple users on a Mac is just as applicable to work Administration can create new user accounts, can install apps and can change settings. How to set up automatic downloads of apps or games on another. This makes it possible to set up each account with the accessibility settings that match To set up a new user account in Mac OS X: Click on Create Account.

Create and delete users in Mac OS X. Create a new user. To allow users to log into your Mac OS X computer, create an account for each of. If you share your Mac with family or friends, you will need to know how to create additional user accounts, as well as which types of accounts to.