How to be smart in math wikihow

How to Become Smart at Math. If math is not one of your strong skills, and you struggle with it, read on to learn how you can improve your understanding and. There is more to math than just equations, theorems, algebra and wikiHow Contributor .. To that end, one last word of advice - work intelligent, not hard. To be a smart student – a student who knows how to study and how to succeed – you've got to start from This is true for everything from math to history to art.

To be smart, exercise your brain with puzzles and creative tasks, develop your The hard thinking that is required for math will make your brain work hard and. Studies show being good at math is a matter of hard work just as much, if not more, than Even smart people can have trouble with a particular subject. Math can be a difficult subject for some people to master. The most Ask your teacher, a friend, tutor, or smart student for assistance if you're having trouble. 4.

If you're tired of not getting best grades in math, change your approach and apply some of the Ask the smart kids as they might have easier methods for math. Do you want to get a good grade in math despite the fact that you might be failing ? Then read this Get a study partner who is very smart, or join a study group. Anyone can be successful in math with the right strategies. Here are ten expert tips from a veteran math teacher.