How to blend colors with markers

Marker blending on Paper Today I am going to elaborate on the technique I showed on thursday for blending colors. This technique is the one I. There are several basic techniques for blending with Copic markers. I recently referenced one-color blending in my first Copic marker tutorial. How would you blend the colours together if you were using pens? types of pens that do allow for blending (although the last one is technically a "marker").

The majority of the article is demonstrated using Copic markers, but the Picking ColoursBasic blending is done in the same family of colours. How to Blend Washable Markers for Even Color. Washable markers are certainly convenient for kids, ensuring that furniture and walls stay marker-free. markers lend themselves perfectly to blending and layering color. To create gradients or blending with markers, try using a dual-ended colorless blender marker.

Yes, that's what I said: YOU CAN USE THIS TO BLEND PRISMACOLOR COLORED PENCILS. This lil beauty is even better at blending my precious prismacolor.