How to build my own record label

Do you have record label aspirations but aren't sure how to take action? This isn't to say that you shouldn't start a label to release your own music. . be sure to build in some extra time before your first release to make your. Let's be clear up front: You cannot start a record label with absolutely no cash — not if you . Get the On Starting Your Own Record Label. The next step is to create an identity for your record label. Research into your competitors and how they are branded. Creating the right kind of identity for your .

You're going to set up your very own independent record label, and sell your .. So is running a record label as easy as creating a web site and giving away a. If you run an independent record label, creating your own website is an essential part of marketing yourself, promoting your artists and. Here's how to start a record label at home with a business plan, In fact, creating your own venture while doing anything connected to music.

Many labels have been formed by someone saying “Ok, I have a record label. and creating a Facebook page technically makes you a record label. . The DIY Musician's Complete Starter Guide to Being Your Own Label. RouteNote gives you the chance to start your own record label and make your artists money on Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play. Even if you're creating incredible music, it can't sell itself. Most independent labels have their own Bandcamp pages that group all of their releases together.