How to change folder colors in putty

It's not putty - run the dircolors -p command it will tell you what color maps to each known file type. In the PuTTY configuration window on the left side (the category section) there is an expandable item called Window and under that item is. Using Putty for SSH and the Dark Blue directory listing is unreadable? Obviously, you can also change the color to anything you want.

Step 1 - Copy the DIR_COLORS to your home folder or skip this for all accounts. In the section 'Adjust the precise colours PuTTY displays' you can edit entries. How to Easily Change Default Putty Color scheme - Of course you can change those color through the Putty setting configuration the build-in and put in the folder HKEY CURRENT USER/ SOFTWARE/PuTTY/Sessions. To change your directory colors, open up your ~/.bashrc file with your editor You can also change other kinds of files when using the ls.

If you've run the ls command in Bash, you'll notice that the directories and files you see are colorized according to their type. You can customize. The default color settings of PuTTY can be difficult to read when connecting to the Oracle is to change the screen background to white with black text color. Improving Putty settings on WindowsIf you are using windows machine to connect to Linux Change dark colours on a black background.