How to change login link in wordpress

WordPress' default login URL is / (or you can just type in the page's source and see things like /wp-content/themes/ or. In fact, you've probably heard plenty of advice on the subject – including that you should change your WordPress login page URL. However. What the plugin can do: change / to for example /user/login/; change Custom URLs configuration page in wp-admin / Settings / Permalinks panel.

How to Change Your WordPress Login URL without a Plugin creating an entirely new login page using hooks to put login fields in isolation. Do you want to change the default WordPress login URL and add WordPress login page and even create a custom WordPress login page. If you have a custom WordPress login logo, or a completely custom WordPress login page design, then you should probably change the login.

One major step you can take right now is by changing the WordPress admin URL . This way, hackers will not be able to find the login link & this. You can change a WordPress login URL with this plugin in a few clicks. The plugin itself doesn't rename any directories, it just makes the default admin login link. How to Change the Logo and URL on the WordPress Login Page. By default, the WordPress login page displays the WordPress logo. It allows you and any.