How to clean oki data transfer belt

Okidata Cn Transfer Belt Unit OEM Like most laser printer components, a transfer belt needs cleaning to prevent print quality deterioration. Questions & Answers for: OKI clean transfer belt. Ad. Question about OKI Laser Printer C printing on paper with black flecks toner, then just replace the. Your OKI laser printer has arrived and you are ready to open the box. The top Ideally, locate your printer in a clean, dust free environment that has an even, moderate . At the same time inspect the transfer belt for any signs of contamination.

How to Clean Your Laser Printer In 5 Easy Steps These include the toner drum unit which can often be built into the toner cartridge but. I have cleaned the transfer belt with alcohol which I now understand is not a the problem as I hate to trash the printer and waster the toner etc. COPIES 1 - If it gets into the eyes, flush with large amounts of water for at least 15 This feature uses the printer's image drums and transfer belt; the.

COPIES 1 - Oki and Oki Data are registered trademarks of Oki Electric Industry. Company . Replacing the Transfer Belt Unit. Cleaning the LED Head. Step 1: Remove transfer belt from printer and place on level work space on a Vacuum or use a stretch-n-dust cloth to clean up any toner.