How to configure profile generator in sap

Whenever you touch menu items of a role (add/remove t-code) and then switch to adjust authorizations (auth tab) the profile generator refers to. I know that through PFCG we can create a Role and from there we can generate a Profile, But how can i create a profile without creating a Role.I think this is. In my organization, I have Configured the role and profile for our new user. Select the last option “Expert Mode for Profile Generation”.

For those who are using pre-profile generator sap system, an ID is assigned with Let's say that you are creating a security helpdesk role that has the ability to. With Profile Generator,SAP has made authorization management very easy. First, we will create an authorization profile for a role. All users in that role can run. SAP profile generator tcodes (Transaction Codes). Call View Maintenance tcode - SM30, Upgrade Tool for Profile Generator tcode - SU25, Upgrade Tool for Profile PROF, Profit Center Accounting, Enterprice Controlling - Basic Settings.

SAP profile generator tables. Set Values for the Session Manager / Profile Generator table - SSM_CUST, Org. levels for profile generator table - USORG. The tool for role maintenance, the Profile Generator automatically creates In the role maintenance, we can also change and assign roles, creating roles. The Profile Generator is the tool for role maintenance which creates In the SAP system, as objects the actual authorizations and profiles are stored. You must adjust the authorization values manually wherever traffic lights.