How to cut off matted cat hair

Remove mats from a long-haired cat the right way: Don't use scissors. Why If you've cut the cat while trying to remove matted hair, and the cut. De-matting a cat is generally not a fun experience for the feline or the human. Make a clean cut and try not to pull the hair while cutting. How to Shave a Matted Cat. Cats just love to groom themselves. Unfortunately, they can't always prevent tough tangles from forming in their coats. If your cat has .

While the most certain way to get rid of a stubborn tangle or mat, cutting should How to Prevent Matted Cat Hair contains substantial information on proper. If you've ever had to deal with a kitty who has matted cat hair you know Instead she recommends using clippers if you need to cut mats out. Use a de-matting brush or comb specifically for your cat's hair length. Put on a pair Never attempt to cut out the mats with scissors or shave the fur with a razor .

Matted fur, when ignored, can do more than just make kitty lumpy. It can irritate the I had previously cut a few off of our cat. But after reading. Matting is uncomfortable for the cat as it tugs and pulls on the skin, and also it Very carefully take small scissors (like nail scissors) and cut the matted hair off.