How to delete my magazine on android

{.intro} Samsung's My Magazine feature on the [Galaxy However, if you don't like My Magazine you can easily disable it altogether. Uncheck My Magazine and it is now gone from the left screen. I am also unable to DISABLE the My Magazines apps and it continually. If you want to disable My Magazine completely from your Galaxy S5, please read on. If you son't want to use My Magazine on Galaxy S5, it is better to disable it completely. Samsung SM-GV - Galaxy S5 - 16GB Android Smartp.

If you are one of those who don't like My Magazine shown up on the Home Screen as you swipe the screen to the right, do the following easy steps to remove. We still don't know why Samsung added My Magazine when Flipboard is installed by default on the Galaxy Note 3. By the way, to disable My Magazin on Note 3. The "My Magazine" feature is integrated into the Touchwiz launcher, so there's really no way to completely turn it off under Jelly Bean. If you freeze/disable the.

Here we explain how to disable My Magazine from your homescreen. Android. How to Disable My Magazine on the Galaxy S5. Published One in particular is the My Magazine app (basically Flipboard) that completely. While I'm happy that Samsung replaced its proprietary My Magazine to make this XmasHow to turn off the camera shutter sound on Android.