How to edit wtf files wow

WTF files, but I can't open them. I've tried searching on the web for a program to open it, but they said something about me not having the. So I was told to edit the WTF file and add a code so I can play warcraft with direct "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\" -d3d WoW settings can be modified by opening and editing WTF files in a text editor. Make sure to backup the WTF file before editing it since incorrect changes may.

Whenever I try to open it, it says windows cannot this file. Is there a program I Go to File->Open. - Navigate to the WTF folder and select file. - Click Open. Last edited by. Defeating WoW, one achievement at a time. How do I edit the file in step 6? 6. Edit the content of the file 'realmlist. wtf' to: 'set realmlist'. *Edit*. I assume you're probably going to play on a private server, so you're editing your realm list so.. You can edit a WTF file with Notepad, WordPad, or any other text.

I was going to join a private WoW server, and to do so one must change the "" file, I opened it with notepad and changed it to the.