How to feed your dog sardines

Let's talk about why sardines are good for dogs, how to feed them to your dogs — and a few words of caution when it comes to sardines for. I've been adding sardines to our dogs' food since before we switched the dogs to raw. I purchased them at Costco - 6 cans for $ With 4 dogs. That can of sardines that's been hiding in your cupboard for months is actually a superfood for your dog.

7 steps to protect your dog from radioactive strontium Over the past several years, I have seen an increased number of dogs with severely. Sardines are an excellent meal supplement for dogs. For one, this type of fish helps to maintain a nice shiny coat. Actually, the nutritional. Yes! Canned sardines are a great source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and coenzyme Q Because they are small and low on the food chain, sardines.

There are so many health benefits your dog receives when you feed him/her sardines or other oily fish like herring or mackerel. The #1 benefit. Sardines for dogs pack a lot of health benefits, like omega-3 fatty acids, and low calories. Just don't feed them daily - mercury and bones are a concern. sardines are a cheap and healthy snack for your dog with many health benefits: reduced inflammation, improved immune system, supports a healthy.