How to fix peep sight rotation

A little bit of peep rotation isn't a problem if the peep is straight back at full Nocking an arrow forcibly rotates the string, bringing the peepsight. How-To: Fixing Your Peep Sight – String Rotation. Sep 23, by 1 Comment. This video file cannot be played.(Error Code: ). Joe Hershberger from. I had a new string put on my bow and have put probably or so shots through it so far. I am finding that my peep sight is no longer lined up.

Archers and bowhunters often find it difficult to get their peep sight perfectly If you are using a torqueless loop that can rotate about the string, install it and. DIY Method: How To Correct Peep Sight Twist Good quality string typically won 't have any peep sight rotation. 3) Repeat from step 1 if there is still rotation. But if the string stretches, the string also rotates, taking the peep out of line. Some strings are sold already stretched to avoid this problem.

It might correct a small amount of peep rotation like1/4 turn. It is important to not . String rotated and one of the strings was in my line of sight.