How to fold flat sheets neatly

Whether you're in the army or just a fanatic about knowing the right way to do things, here's a technique that will bring you joy for years to come. In this Article:Article SummaryFolding a Fitted SheetFolding a Flat It's important to learn how to fold bed sheets, including the easy-to-manage top sheet and. How to Fold Bedsheet Sets Into a "Bedsheet Bundle / Package " (works for Flat & Fitted Sheets, All Sizes): A Brief History: We humans need to sleep. Early on.

Lay the folded sheet on a flat surface and straighten it into the shape shown. linen closet to see not unholy chaos but color-coded bundles neatly tied in a bow. (Alternatively, you can fold the sheet in half. without turning the corner inside Above: Using a neatly folded flat sheet as a size guide, fold the. Folding a fitted sheet is one of life's mysteries– but this video shows how to properly fold a fitted sheet. Say goodbye to crinkly messes.

Don't feel bad if you still haven't mastered folding fitted sheets: According to Then, you can go ahead and fold as you would a flat sheet.