How to make alphabet pillows

You will love to learn how to make these very popular Alphabet Letter Pillows and they are easy when you know how. Watch the quick video too. Here are steps of sewing an alphabet letter cushion. You will learn how to make the most difficult form of letter pillow having form an alphabet letter A. A really cute and interesting idea is to recycle some old jackets to make alphabet pillows. You can use these cute pillows in the living room to.

They are easy and cheap to do, that's mean you can change them as much as you want. Today I propose you to make some letters cushions. This is tutorial will show you how to make your very own DIY alphabet pillow! This pin totally rocks and was a complete success! Here's how to do it. Here is a nice DIY project to make soft fabric alphabet letter cushions or pillows. They look so cheerful and cute! They are perfect to cuddle, play or just use them.

DIY these mini alphabet pillows pieces to showcase your child's name or the ABC's! Keep them for yourself or make as a baby shower gift.