How to pronounce chaldeans

Chaldean definition is - a member of an ancient Semitic people that became dominant in Babylonia. Latin Chaldaeus Chaldean, astrologer, from Greek Chaldaios, from Chaldaia Chaldea, region of ancient How Do You Pronounce ' Vase'?. Chaldean definition, one of an ancient Semitic people that formed the dominant element in Babylonia. See more. Chaldea definition, an ancient region in the lower Tigris and Euphrates valley, in S Babylonia. See more.

How do you say Chaldean in English? Pronunciation of Chaldean found 9 audio voices, 2 Meanings, 5 Sentences and 8 Synonyms for Chaldean. How do you say Chaldeans in English? Pronunciation of Chaldeans found 10 audio voices and 2 Sentences for Chaldeans. Definition of Chaldean - a member of an ancient people who lived in Chaldea 2mass noun The Semitic language of the ancient Chaldeans. . Pronunciation.

How to pronounce Chaldeans in English. The definition of Chaldeans is: a wise man skilled in occult.