How to remove bathroom tiles from wall

If you're tiling your bathroom or kitchen, but you've got to remove the old tiles first, don't worry - here's a guide on how to remove old tiles. Once the side walls are removed, remove the back wall of tiles by breaking tiles in a vertical line with a hammer, then prying. Removing wall tiles is different, and more difficult, than removing floor with minimal damage, can I retile on the same drywall in a bathroom?.

When it's time for an update, you have your work cut out for you if you're trying to preserve underlying plaster walls. In order to remove the tile and. Ceramic wall tiles provide an easy-to-clean surface for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls. Since they are available in a wide variety of. Removing tiles is a job you can do by yourself once you know a few basic steps. We show you how to use a hammer and bolster to take tiles off a wall. Plus, you.