How to remove windows 7 classic theme

I want to change my theme, but I can't. In Personalization every Aero themes and installed themes go darker and can't use them as my current. I changed the theme of my windows 7 Stater to window classic but I'can't get it back dropdown on right-click show "screen resolution" and. In Windows 7 you can revert back to the classic Windows look easily. Next, you' re going to get a dialog showing a list of Aero themes. This is.

To disable the "Themes" service and switch to the classic theme under Windows 7: Click on Start > type "" in the search field and. Switch to Classic Theme in Windows 7 (Turn off Aero effects) Theme in Windows 7 will enable or disable some feature found (or not) in the Aero theme; once. Select any theme not listed above (e.g. Windows 7 Basic). Open a reg delete " HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Appearance" /f.

This page explains step-by-step how to change the colours of window and other graphical elements in Windows 7 for Aero, high-contrast and other themes. hi iam using windows 7 i installed pack crystal clear automaticaly changes into windows classic theme then,after few minutes i. Follow these steps to disable Windows Aero in Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Select any of the themes in the Basic And High Contrast Themes category. Click Open Classic Appearance Properties For More Color Options.