Johanni cichlid babies what do with

The released fry can eat finely powdered dry foods and brine shrimp nauplii. The female will guard her young for a few. Q. I've recently purchased two Melanochromis johanni cichlid fish from a newly mechanism does not make the task of selecting a future cichlid fish breeding. Breeding. Mouth-brooding African cichlid mating occurs something like this: the male digs out a cave (nest) for the female and lures her in by doing this silly fin.

African Cichlids are mostly mouth-brooders: when they breed, the female will pick up the eggs and hold them in her mouth, whilst the male. Common Name: Johanni cichlid,Blue Johanni, Blue gray mbuna (rock or defend a territory on the top of a flat rock Eggs are carried by female. Foods- Johanni Cichlid will eat any food that is offered to them, they will Breeding - Johanni Cichlids are very easy to breed and usually do so readily in the.

Breeding cichlids can be both entertaining and educational due to their unique breeding practices -- mouth-brooding varieties are especially.