Maintain fitness when injured

If you have an injury, chances are you will need to take some time off to recover. Explore ways you can still maintain some of your fitness gains. Just because you're injured and can't swim, bike or run doesn't give you an excuse to sit on the couch and waste away. I needed to design a training schedule that would be hard enough to maintain fitness for a well-trained runner, but not so hard that Scott would.

8 EXERCISES YOU CAN DO TO KEEP FIT WHEN INJURED. This article was written by Laura Hill on The Long Run Blog of Executive Style. As a runner there's. Today we are going to show you how to stay in shape when injured by giving you Read up on how to keep your fitness up through cross training, so that when. Though nothing can replace running perfectly, doing cross training can keep your cardiovascular fitness up, assuming you cross train as hard as you run when.

Preventing Workout Injuries. There are simple steps that can help keep you injury -free during your workout. But first, pay attention to this. How to stay fit and mentally well while you're going through a period of injury or illness. They keep me grounded, help me focus, and make me feel good. If you're injured and wondering what you can possibly do in the Injured During Run: How to maintain your fitness while out of commission. Coach Jenny explains how to maintain fitness based on the type of The type of active recovery depends on the degree of the injury, and.