Minnesota mn abbreviation for what state

State Abbreviations for the US States and more. United States postal abbreviations for states, military, commonwealths, and territories. Minnesota, MN. TWO LETTER STATE ABBREVIATIONS. Alabama. AL. Missouri. MO Pennsylvania. PA. Indiana. IN. Rhode Island. RI WA. Minnesota. MN West Virginia. WV. Several sets of codes and abbreviations are used to represent the political divisions of the . Mich. Minnesota, State, US-MN, MN, 27, MN, MN, Minn. Minn. Mn.

State abbreviations and postal codes table from Alaska to Wyoming. MA. Michigan, Mich. MI. Micronesia, FM. Minnesota, Minn. MN. Mississippi, Miss. MS. Learn the abbreviations used for the U.S. states, both as postal codes and general Massachusetts, Mass. MA. Michigan, Mich. MI. Minnesota, Minn. MN. A list of the U.S. state abbreviations is helpful when addressing letters to be mailed. Massachusetts - MA; Michigan - MI; Minnesota - MN; Mississippi - MS.

List of state abbreviations. The two-letter abbreviation for all 50 US states are listed here. Minnesota, MN, West Virginia, WV. Mississippi, MS, Wisconsin, WI. Table of US state abbreviations, state capitals, and state government links. Minnesota, Minn. MN, St. Paul. Mississippi, Miss. MS, Jackson. Missouri, Mo. State Abbreviations list: 50 states abbreviations. State Abbreviations. State Abbreviations List. State, Abbreviation. ALABAMA, AL. ALASKA, AK. ARIZONA, AZ. Preferred Abbreviations for States/Territories. Michigan. Mic. T. Mich. Mich. MICH. MI. Minnesota. Minn. Minn. MINN. MN. Mississippi. Mi.