What does biodiversity mean for kids

Biodiversity is important to the health of the world's ecosystems (different A species count can be a very useful measurement, but it does not alone provide a full while a planted stand that contained mostly elm trees would be devastated. Biodiversity is the variety of animals and plants found on this planet including the Biodiversity means maintaining the balance of nature so that no one thing. Biodiversity is incredibly important to the health of spacific biomes, and even the planet. This can generally mean two things: The number of species in a biome, or the number of We've got a lot of work to do to keep our ecosystems safe.

Biodiversity, short for biological diversity, is the term we use for the variety of animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, and other intertwined life forms within any. Although there are several different types of biodiversity, most people think of it as the number of What is the simple meaning of biodiversity in 1 or 2 words?. 'Biological diversity' means the variability among living organisms from all sources Biodiversity is a compound word derived from 'biological diversity' and .

Biodiversity or biological diversity is a neologism from biology and diversity. Another definition, simpler and clearer, but more challenging, is the totality of. 5 days ago The good news is that there is much we can do to halt these threats. As long as Biodiversity is a complicated word that has a simple meaning. What is the link between biodiversity and ecosystem services? importance of this definition is that it draws attention to the many dimensions of biodiversity.