What does host unlimited domains mean

What does HostGator mean when they offer Shared Web Hosting for unlimited domains? This means we allow you to host any amount of domains you want. Does this mean, if I am not mistaken, I could have payed $84 and placed my girlfriend's and my domain on the same hosting server, thus using. Hi I recently brought a hosting package from a company which offered "host unlimited domains" which I assumed meant host unlimited websit.

The phrase "unlimited domains" is used widely and regularly in web hosting, but what does it really mean? With all of CooliceHost VPS Hybrid plans and the Big. You get cheap hosting, and we get to keep things running that can include unlimited domains along with. Unlimited Domains. The phrase unlimited domains is used regularly in web hosting, but what does it really mean? With all of Just Host's plans you have the.

You often see shared web hosting companies stating "Host Unlimited Domain" but what does this really mean? Surely you can't have one shared hosting. The idea here is to not only look at the unlimited features but at other features the plan offers. Does it come with addon domains, parked. Hostgator baby & business plan offers unlimited domain hosting & this is how This means that with one Baby hosting plan, you can host unlimited websites! a domain from a source such as GoDaddy or Name Cheap, all you need to do is. Hi I'm a bit of a newbie with web hosting and am looking at some options. When it says "unlimited domains" does this mean that I can host.