What does rsrsrsrs mean in portuguese

The "rs" commonly seen in conversations throughout the internet, is an abbreviation of "risos" (laughs). Depending on how a person. Bom dia, How can one write the sound of laughter in portuguese? mean an entire stream of laughter? or does it need to be repeated like "ahahahah"? . Since Brazilians pronounce the initial "r" like "h", rsrsrsrs would be. Top definition. rsrsrsunknown. A Brasilian version of lol. You: hey. Stranger: hey where you from. You: uk, you? Stranger: Brasil, rsrsrs. #rsrr#rs#rsrs#rsrss#rsrr#.

I noticed in [this](alzalia.com We do "hahahaha" or "ehehehehe", maybe we can "lol" too . being said I knew somebody who wrote rsrsrsrs and had to google what it was, . fds = foda-se/fim- de-semana ("foda-se" can mean both "fuck it" and "for fuck's sake"). Came across this word in an orkut scrap not really sure what it means Does it have any meaning in portuguese or brazilian??? appreciate. has the following 3 definition(s) + add your definition. lol. lol is used in Spanish Portugese. Spanish meaning Portuguese meaning. laughing. laughing is used in .

This Internet Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of RSRSRS is. The slang word / acronym / abbreviation RSRSRS means . Internet Slang. Tá na idade do perigo agora heeein?rsrsrsrs Surrounded by cows. hahaha ( She could mean "cows" in the literal sense, or she could be. Meaning: I hope you learned your lesson, that will teach you! Portuguese sayings They use it similar to how we would say hahahaha, they say rsrsrsrs. Fun fact: Did you know Brazil fought the meme war 3 against Spain and Portugal ???. 2 jul. Question about Portuguese (Brazil) | rsrsrs = jajaja you can also use "kkkkk".