What is a party ball keg size

Designed for mini kegerators, this size keg only holds 5 liters of beer, that are available for the Cornelius keg, including ball-lock and pin-lock. Undoubtedly, you've probably seen this size keg at a party or large event. Another type of mini keg is the "beer ball" or the "party ball", a disposable plastic ball that usually holds around US gallons (20 l). What sizes of keg is draft beer available in? These dimensions and weights may vary slightly as result of differences between keg manufacturers.

Budweiser Light Party Ball 5gal. Be the first to review this product. Size: 5GAL. Availability: Out of stock. $ Add to Wishlist; | Add to Compare · Email to a. The Beer Junction keg information, keg prices, equipment rental, kegs to go, and keg FAQs. L Ball Lock Keg - Premium Brand New Premium brand new Keg Land kegs rated to psi Being 2 1/2 gallons or litres they last for quite awhile.

Both Ball Lock and Pin Lock kegs are a standard 5 gallon size (the perfect size for home brewers) which can hold roughly 53 – 12oz. beers. The containers we call Ball Lock and Pin Lock Kegs come from the soda . Ball Lock Kegs have two big advantages in my book – Size and. What's the difference in the party ball and the home draft thing they sold Ball was true draught beer (i.e., unpasteurized), was 1/6 of a barrel.