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Microsoft FrontPage was a WYSIWYG HTML editor and website administration tool from . FrontPage Server Extensions are a software technology that allows FrontPage clients to communicate with web servers, and provide additional. Microsoft FrontPage (Full name: Microsoft Office FrontPage) is a program made by It was a useful web editor without costing as much as professional software. This, and other changes to the way the web worked, had a left running vulnerable and unsupported software.

Microsoft Expression Web, was targeted at generic web and Microsoft use. Shelby, Solutions Architect for Microsoft Productivity Server, Services, and Software. FrontPage was an early innovation in Web-authoring software. Creating Web pages requires manipulation of computer code while meeting protocols of both the. Using HTML Tools is like having X-ray vision for your Web pages.

Microsoft FrontPage lets you design your own web site without having to learn all this code. By using an intuitive Software similar to Microsoft Office FrontPage. Today, the spotlight turns to another fallen hero – Microsoft FrontPage. Here's the sad tale of how the World's most popular Web publishing tool. FrontPage webs, active page elements for providing complex functionality You use the FrontPage Editor to create, design, and edit World Wide Web pages.