What is the local supercluster

The Virgo Supercluster (Virgo SC) or the Local Supercluster (LSC or LS) is a mass concentration of galaxies containing the Virgo Cluster and Local Group. A supercluster is a large group of smaller galaxy clusters or galaxy groups; it is among the This supercluster spans over million light-years, while the Local Group spans over 10 million light-years. The number of superclusters in the. Our Milky Way galaxy is a member of the Local Group of galaxies which lies on the outskirts of a large structure of galaxies now called the "Local Supercluster.

The locations of the galaxies within the volume of the Local Supercluster are displayed here on an Aitoff equal area grid in celestial coordinates, Right. Local Supercluster: supercluster: Abell—as the Local Supercluster, a flattened collection of about groups and clusters of galaxies including the Local Group . 4 days ago A word about our home galaxy - the Milky Way - within the Local Group, and the Virgo and Laniakea superclusters.

"For the first time, we are not only visualizing the detailed structure of our Local Supercluster of galaxies, but we are also seeing how the. Orbits of galaxies in the Local Supercluster. Our home Milky Way galaxy (MW, yellow) and our companion Andromeda galaxy (M31, red) are. Most people should have some familiarity with the fact that gravity is responsible for the structure of our solar system. For example, gravity is the. [/caption] It's time to expand your mind and consider the largest structures in the Universe: vast collections of galaxies known as superclusters.