Where is the silken fields wow

The Silken Fields[63, 57] is an ancient imperial silk farm that dates back to some of the earliest dynasties of Pandaria, with each generation exceeding in quality of silk over the last. The fields are found southeast of Halfhill in south-central Valley of the Four Winds. The Silken Fields (orig. The Silkmasters) [, ] is an ancient silk-producing village found southeast of Halfhill in the Valley of the Four Winds. They acquire. At least now I don't die when I go to the Silken Fields, instead I just get a piece of cloth and my 1 millioneth imperial silk worm pet.

Bring Li Li to the Silken Fields, New Cifera, and Huangtze Falls. A level 81 Valley of the Four Winds Quest. Rewards Li Li's Wishing-Stone. Always up to date. Imperial Silk is one of several types of cloth that a tailor can use to make different types of armor. It is crafted and looted. An item from World of Warcraft: Mists of. Silkmaster Tsai is a level 81 - 90 Elite NPC that can be found in Valley of the Four Winds. The location of this NPC is unknown. In the NPCs category.

Explore Valley of the Four Winds. Silken Fields на карте Мира. Находится в зоне. Valley of the Four Winds. Сражения. Galleon; Sha of Anger; Nalak. Silken Fields, type Generic, Object ID: , spawns: | WoW Freakz, greatest Legion and Mists of Pandaria private servers, customizable rates. Class Halls.