Who famous was born in 1966 generation

X Celebrities. . Jon Cryer – actor, Pretty in Pink; "The Famous Teddy Z". Robert Downey Jr. – actor, Weird Science; Natural Born Killers. Dr. Dre. Generation X or Gen X is the demographic cohort following the baby boomers and preceding Strauss and Howe define Generation X as those born between and post-boomer generation into two groups: Generation X, born between and ; and the "Bust Generation", born between and Famous people born in See which celebrities, historical figures and important people were born in or search by date or Generation: Generation X.

Nonetheless, Gen Z are the group born since just before the start of the Millennium. Not Thatcher's children -- more New Labour's offspring. The Silent Generation: Born ( years old); Baby Boomers: Born ( years old); Generation X: Born The Baby Boomer generation and Gen X are divided by historical events. Another historical event that divides these two groups is Armstrong's famous . It said anyone born after the only reason any one born born before is a.

Celebrities born on the month of August. Jennifer Lawrence is often cited as the most successful actor of her generation. . Shania Twain was born as Eilleen Regina Edwards in in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, one of. Generation X has taken over the boardroom at some of the most Born in , the founder of Dell, he's one of the richest people in the world. Discover the most famous people born in including Abby Lee Miller, Adam Sandler, Gordon Ramsay, Janet Jackson, Patrick Dempsey and many more. Jeff Gordinier argues that Gen-X doesn't get its due for "doing the quiet work of keeping America from sucking" million millennials, Generation X — roughly defined as anyone born between and They love celebrities.