Who has got a nandos black card

This is more than just a loyalty card this is the Nando's black card. NANDO'S. We're not going to lie, we're incredibly jealous. A rare sighting. The 1 Thing You Shouldn't Do If You Want a Nando's Black Card. The Nando's "High Five" card (also known as the black card) is the stuff of chicken-lovers' legend. The mysterious and rarely seen card from the much-loved peri-peri chicken restaurant is your passport to free chicken. What does a Nando's Black Card entitle you to? One year's According to the back of the card you get a LOT of food included: “As a valued.

We've all heard the urban legend that is the Nando's "black card", When Bipolar Sunshine and Jazz Purple got one, they decided to use it to. You may not be Ed Sheeran but you can still get some finger-licking free chicken. How do I not have a Nandos black card I've honestly spend. Read How to get, Tips How to get a nandos black card. counsel you to visit watch it's has over 4 million sights and it is a awesome video.

If you didn't know about Ed Sheeran's love affair with Nandos, where have you been? This guy is serious about Peri-Peri chicken. And when. You’ve heard rumours about it – a card that magically provides free Nando’s for a whole year. The mythical Nando’s High Five card – can you. The Cool Chain Restaurant Celebrities Can't Get Enough Of There's also a mythic Nando's black card, which entitles the lucky holder to free. You almost certainly don't ask for a Nando's Black Card / high 5 card to receive it. > All we who's requested a card, no matter how politely, has ever received one.