Who is better graves or vayne

i think vayne can have a stronger late game if fed but weak early/easily shut down if denied kills/farm. id say play graves. Hey, Which, out of these 2 would be the better and in your experience overall more fun or enjoyable ADC? I have realised that teambuilder isnt. He wasnt behind in lvls or items actually and his build was better for 1v1. I had a lot of situations already where i 1v1ed a fed graves as vayne.

Learn how to beat your lane opponent in League of Legends with champion counters, builds, and stats based on real high-level ranked games. then u got the atk speed steroid goin up close to them so u get alot of hits in when she runs away.. corki and ez are still better than graves tho. Stats for Graves countering Vayne in the. Vayne vs Graves matchup statistics. CounterStats: Counter Picking Statistics for League of Legends.

Probably graves. Vayne is fun though if you like the ad carry/assassin combo. I like vayne better because of her awesome late game but thats. Good carry choices for this matchup include Graves, Sivir, Ezreal, . right-clicker) fits Vayne much better than "very mobile short-ranged burster.