Who is joel on parenthood

Joel Graham (played by Sam Jaeger) is the husband of Julia Braverman-Graham. In Season 1, Joel is introduced as the husband of Julia Braverman-Graham, as well as the father of their only daughter, Sydney Graham. Soon, he becomes close to Raquel, a mother on the PTA, and Julia. Julia Braverman-Graham (portrayed by Erika Christensen) is the wife of Joel Graham and the mother of Sydney Graham and Victor Graham. Julia is the youngest out of her siblings and seemingly closest to her brother Crosby. In the end of the season, Julia tells Joel that she wants. Parenthood’s Sam Jaeger Teases Where Joel and Julia Would Be Today: Read His Q&A! Erika Christensen as Julia Braverman Graham and Sam Jaeger as Joel Graham on Parenthood. Parenthood’s Sam Jaeger teased where Joel and Julia (Erika Christensen) would be today — and his answer.

Joel on 'Parenthood' has been completely disappointing this season. But after watching the episode 'Fraud Alert,' I'm starting to see things. Samuel Heath "Sam" Jaeger (born January 29, ) is an American actor and screenwriter. In , Jaeger landed the role of Joel Graham in NBC's television series Parenthood, which premiered in He wrote, directed, and starred. Good news for "Parenthood" fans — you're not the only ones who believed the love between Joel and Julia would last forever. Sam Jaeger, the.

Talk about an emotional roller coaster for Joelia during Thursday night's new Parenthood episode "Lean In." A still-hurting Julia actually signed. Even as their storyline's gotten increasingly painful, with Joel moving out and its effects on their kids, we've applauded Parenthood's take on. Parenthood (TV Series) Joel Graham. - May God Bless and Keep You Always () Joel Graham. - We Made It Through the Night () Joel. This is frittered capital; Joel's significance is being sacrificed for the sake of a quasi-divorce story. It's rare to see Parenthood execute a storyline.