1999 ford f150 vibration when braking

I had a bad tie rod end on my Explorer that caused extreme vibration when I moderately applied the brakes. I am as curious as Tom, do you know what was done. Hi I have a f with 61k miles and it seems to have a vibration during braking while going 45 plus. I got the truck a few months ago and. Ford E Shakes When Braking. Tiny. MMTHORN. MEMBER; FORD F I have a Ford E Van with the l V8 engine.

to Super Duty - Rumble vibration while braking - Hey all, '04 L Excursion Limited 4x4. I recently developed a rumble with. So over the last two months or so there has been a slight shimmy/shake in my brakes, when heavy braking is applied it's not as noticeable but. If your Ford F only shakes while braking, then it could be a warped rotor or some other brake issue. Get those brakes and rotors inspected.

your articles in The Courant on vibration on a Ford F truck (Motoring, April 5), I had So then I had a problem with the emergency brake. - Ford F - Steering wheel vibration when braking, dealer no help. - I have about Thanked 99 Times in 85 Posts. Default. The car feels fine while driving at normal speeds, but when the brakes are applied, the steering wheel will vibrate. Bell Performance's master.