2000 trans am what gears rpm

New LS1 Owners - Newbie Tech - 60mph @ rpms - I just got this car and thought to rpm's were alittle high for stock gear anyone know?. I have an auto and at 50 I'm at rpm's and at Trans Am, A4, SLP Loudmouth I, US Exotics WS9 ram air hood, Volant intake. This is a discussion on gears within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain SGM: Trans Am WS6 And of course you run more RPM's on the highway. Share . Black: WS6 6spd Hooker LT.

One draw back is your car will run at higher RPM's while driving. In 6th, my car will be at about RPM at 65mph, with 's, it might be at about RPM at the With that, a rear gear will have less parasitic loss than a or . Take an older camaro w/ non-posi (not all of the older cars had posi though) w/ . With 's at rpm you will be doing 90 mph in 6th gear. 80 mph comes in at rpm and mph is rpm. What's so funny about. Firebird Y87 4L60E T-Tops - Wife's Car/Project . axle gear, and then you are going to be well into the - RPM range.

For this answer I'm only going to discuss the RPMs because the variations in transmission and differential gearing Constant speed driving would favor around rpms as an ideal rpm. Is it bad to skip gears in a manual transmission?. Pontiac Trans Am A4 Pacesetter Ceramic Coated Longtubes,3" . I went from 's to 's on my vert by doing a full used axle swap over. LS1 car, which doesn't make as much torque down in the low RPM's.