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ATI Radeon X Pro (AGP 8x, MB) ATI Radeon X Pro (AGP 8x, MB) Series Specs. This graphics card is capable of running the new Aero interface featured in Windows Vista Home Premium and higher. 4-GB (2 x 2GB). NOTE: Memory maximum speed is maximum system supported speed of MHz. ATI Radeon HD HDMI ( MB) PCIe x16 Graphics Card. ATI Radeon . Operating. 50° to 95°F (10° to 35°C) at sea level with an. As part of our specialty thin client series, the HP gt is one of HP's most powerful thin clients Integrated: AMD RSG integrated graphics (ATI Radeon HD x 8/16/32bit. 60, 70, 72, 75, x 8/16/ 32bit. 60, 75, 85 . Hz. Power output. Power output (max). W. Rated output current.

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/M-ini-niLisN iLirnnii ati/-,ii * tin rcniio MAIL TO: Garden Place. add 3% ( S5 minimum) for shipping insurance and handling (SI&H] by UPS UPS for Sl&H except for monitors add 30° 0 or S50 minimum for SI&H Prices subject to Titan /Saturn RAM Card (II +) RAM Card (11+) RAM Card (11+) 16K 16K 32K 64K . Hyper-'threading enabled. we ran all tests at 1,by resolution with hit ATI Radeon Pro feeding a beautiful inch NEC INX LCD monitor, hard drives in RAID O configuration, 16X DVD-ROM and 48X CD-RW drives, Inside is a gigabyte of MI-Iz DDR memory, which likely helped the system take.