Car bogging when cold

I drive a Chevy Cavalier with about miles on it. The weather has recently turned extremely cold (i.e. 10 degrees F), and now the. After starting the car and attempting to drive, when pressing on the accelerator the car bogs down and won't gain power for a couple of seconds. Q: I'll let my car sit for about a couple of hours and when I get it to drive it, it turns on fine but after I let it warm up and I pull off, it beginnings to.

Q: When first starting the car it the morning or whenever it has been sitting your A/C on an it takes a little extra juice an it bogs down for a quick second. may cause the engine to run a little rough, especially on a cold start. Ugh, my car did the same thing today when I got out of work. I drove to Walmart and bought some Iso-Heet. Hopefully that does the trick. Also, when I finally get it running and start driving, car bogs down if I give it some gas. Once it's warmed up, it runs fine. Charging system is.

When the car is started out cold, if i give it some gas (estimate the pedel is pressed about a 1/3+ of the way to the floor), it will usually "bog down. When I start my car and the engine is cold the egnine has no power. When I push the gas it just bogs the engine. I recently installed an Injen CAI but it did it. Now, when i start my car and it is cold itll bog down or cut out for a couple seconds in the middle of driving. When it warms up it runs fine. Hey guys. when I start my car when its cold (weather, haven't had the chance to test this out in warm weather yet). it'll bog when I drive.