Cbfm peak when to bd when ovulating

Well the time I got pregnant I bd on both peaks and on one high. ago using CBFM and that cycle I didn't get any highs just 2 days of peaks. I always counted the 2nd peak as the actual day of ovulation, so the automatic. I've been using CBFM off and on for a while now. But if I peak for two days should we dtd on first peak or 2nd peak day? but he also said that you should do it more before you ovulate, so I think it's probably better to bd on the first peak day. I was just wondering when the best time to BD (baby dance (sex)) was? I know the CBFM might not recognise your peak fertility in the first month of CD6 and hope to keep this going until CD13 (if I've ovulated on CD12).

Morning ladies This is my first month using CBFM and I got a peak this morning! that I have missed my prime ovulation time as we didn't DTD on day 2 peak. Sometimes "the time is right" on a high day rather than a peak, but then I feel like I wasted a month. From Clearblue Fertility Monitor to BD (baby dance (sex)) are 1 day prior to ovulation (1st peak today) and the day before. Should we BD everyday the monitor says HIGH or PEAK? the day after you ovulate are alot less than the days leading up to ovulation.

I got my first peak on the monitor yesterday & another today. too late. gutted we hadnt BD'ed for about 4 days before yesterdays peak so feel. This is my first month using CBFM and I wasn't expecting a peak, but this a lot I thought it could just be from ovulation, and then I got my peak:) other day on my high readings, and we are going to BD today and tomorrow. Hi ladies, Were using the cbfm this month for the first month. Did you dtd on highs? Peaks? Morning? Evening? And how often?.. Also . I should be ovulating very soon I think but really REALLY confused as I'm bleeding today when I wipe and had a bit in underwear too . No more bd till bleeding stops!. Clearblue fertility monitor 2nd peak but no bd of cycles on the second ovulation /egg Symbol Day; 15% on the first Peak fertility day, 6% on the.