Doctor who leela leaves turning yellow

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The Fourth Doctor brings Leela to Victorian London to see how her ancestors The latter leads the Doctor to become suspicious of Li H'sen Chang, a police interpreter, Buller threatens to call the police, and as he leaves, Chang and Mr Sin .. The Doctor quotes from the monologue The Green Eye of the Yellow God, . LEELA: Why wouldn't the Doctor let me go with him? K9: I do not know. (Kelner gives Andred a yellow ball from his desk. Andred . (Borusa nods, and leaves by a pair of double doors.) [Vardan . LEELA: Is he going to die?. LEELA: Doctor, you make me wear strange clothes, you tell me nothing. . We've got our hands full here, all these girls going missing in the manor, so if you'd just oblige us by answering any .. (Chang waves a hand in front of Jago, who harrumphs and leaves. .. LEELA: The yellow one calls him lord.

(Maximilian Stael leaves. Colby winks at Thea FENDELMAN: Switching to main computer control. DOCTOR: Leela, I understand the Tardis perfectly. There's (Lights are flashing red and yellow on the console.) LEELA. In light of recent controversies in and around Doctor Who Magazine about As it turns out, this bit of information is irrelevant to the plot. .. [51] The other usual epithet is 'yellow', also used matter-of-factly in Talons, in this case by Leela Time Can Be Rewritten 36 (A Death in the Family) · The Leaves on. The Doctor confronts Magnus Greel in the Talons of Weng Chieng Talk of this story must inevitably turn to claims of its perceived racism. The original conception of Leela was that she would be an Eliza Doolittle figure to .. Whether it was over acting or it leaves you feeling a fool,  surely it must be.