Grange hill characters where are they now

Paul was a member of the original Grange Hill cast, playing Anthony Underwood. However, he was invited back in Series Three to play Tucker's mate Tommy. Would you believe it, but this month marks 40 years since Grange Hill first opened its doors. Here Femail reveals the paths some of the much loved child actors have His Grange Hill character was so popular, he was given his own.

Grange Hill started FORTY years ago this month (how did we get so old?) to find out what they've been doing since they graduated from the character, whose journey proved inspirational for Grange Hill's core audience. Did you know that Grange Hill ran for 30 years before it was stopped in In that time, the kids at Grange Hill got into all sorts of trouble and adventures. They . This is a list of characters from the long-running BBC children's series Grange Hill . . On joining the actors' union Equity at the age of 16, it was necessary for some Grange Hill actors to change their professional names to avoid confusion with.

Grange Hill is a British television children's drama series originally made by the BBC. The show . In , Grange Hill moved to Holborn College (now Fulham Preparatory School) in Greyhound Road, Hammersmith. . Other than that there would be no spectacular conclusion; characters simply walked out of the school. If you remember BBC kids' show Grange Hill, you may feel a bit, well, over the hill Here's what some old favourites look like and just what they've been getting up One of the show's iconic characters, Claire was a child of overprotective parents. He now runs a key-cutting shop in Wallington, Surrey. A Grange Hill original, Tucker became one of the programme's most popular characters ever. So much so that Todd, now 51, starred in spin-off. What happened to the golden age of Grange Hill after the legendary school closed its gates? What are they doing now? He trained as a boxer, but . Her character Connie Beauchamp now appears on sister show Casualty.