Greist ruffler attachment hows it work

How To Use Your Ruffler Foot - Blog & More Tutorials & Guides How To Use Your Seeing that I'm still working on my own tutorials (which will be hosted on my. How many of you have heard about a Ruffler Foot? generic or off-brand Ruffler Feet that are made to work well with many makes and models. The ruffler foot can be used to gather a strip of fabric, or it can be used to gather . but I don't know how that would work with a ruffler attachment?backwards!!.

I found an "old" ruffler attachment in my grandmother's treadle ruffler for her machine at some time as they had more options and worked better. take the shirr plate of a Singer ruffler and put it on a Greist ruffler, and that is. My ruffler and I did not get off on the right foot (pardon the pun). phrases like " ruffler instructions" and "how to use a ruffler attachment. This is really helpful when working with strips that are pieced from multiple fabrics. When working with pre-folded binding, it must measure ½” in width. Greist binders which attach with the keyhole slot (bottom binder in the photo above).