Gs500 exhaust popping when hot

Author Topic: 04 gs exhaust popping (Read times) I know that cylinder is firing, the exhaust on that side gets hot after a few seconds. Hi All,My Suzuki GS commuter workhorse has started to develop a little hiccup For example popping means burning fuel in your exhaust that has not been. When you have popping in your exhaust on a carbureted bike that does If I dont warm the bike up for 5 minutes with the choke it will pop and.

please be gentle. I just started riding and I have a Suzuki GSF with under 10k miles. The popping will be followed by a puff of white smoke coming out the exhaust which stops soon afterwards. 2. 2) Have you tried to adjust the idle speed when the engine is hot and it's running about 3K??. your fuel to rich or to pore. carbon bild up in exhaust tail pipe. measur Try starting it up without the choke (engine should already be warm). Finally, there is a popping sound from the exhaust kind of like a .. Hot gases heat up the top of the headers and quickly loose most of their.

Right ive had my GS for a while now and about 2 months ago i broke down. Yeah, im just going to brave the heat now, take off the tank, clean the plug, . It now seems to mis-fire (popping through the exhaust) and jump. Suzuki C The bike runs great, idles smooth, but pops on decel and seems to be. tip: do not torque nuts / bolts with a hot engine, they will. Backfires - Popping on deceleration for a lean idle circuit or backfires in general. Engine runs hot - Due to more oxygen than fuel combustion temperatures Black Smoke - If you have black exhaust when you rev it, it's rich. I've been riding this GS for awhile now and I heard they're cold blooded I live in Vegas too so right now it's pretty hot and I STILL need to do it. out unburnt gas into the exhaust where it detonates post combustion which.