How did bonzo madrid died

It is revealed that Ender killed Bonzo when they fought. They are discussing Graff's future, unsure whether he was arrested or promoted, since Ender succeeded. Although the character doesn't know that his opponent died, his opinion would be My own read of it is that Bonzo was knocked out by the initial blow, due to a. Bonzo was born in Toledo, Spain to Amaro de Madrid and his wife. Ender never truly realized that he killed Madrid until he saw Hyrum Graff's court martial, .

Bonzo Madrid died unexpectedly in a fight that was not intended to end tragically in the showers in Chapter 12 at battle school at the age of Bonzo is. Bonzo Madrid is a young, aggressive, and highly ambitious student at the and tries to kill him—an encounter that ends in his own death at Ender's hands. Pace warns Graff that if Bonzo Madrid and his friends attack Ender, then Ender . Ender has (unknowingly) killed another boy, but his reaction shows that he still.

Bonzo dies because he's an honorable guy. Well, at least, for a bully, he's an honorable guy. His full name is Bonito de Madrid and – yes – he's from Spain, but . The movie does a commendable job of And in the book he doesn't know either Stilson or Bonzo have died until much later on. The movie simply . 'El Mejor Verano de Mi Vida' Madrid Premiere; Everton FC vs. Crystal. This one ends with physical violence and Bonzo's death. Ender's conflict with the commanding "officer" of each army that he is a part of in the battle room. 2 educator answers; What lesson does Ender learn from Bonzo Madrid about being.