How to add follow me on linkedin

LinkedIn Help - Managing Who Can Follow Your Updates - How do I control who can follow my posts Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. Any company with a LinkedIn Company Page can add a Follow button to their website, making it easy to grow their Company Page follower. As an advertiser, you have the option to add a Follow button to your Sponsored Content. This feature allows advertisers to gain followers for their Company Page .

You now have a Follow button on your profile in your Activity box area below your headshot, Reach out to me on LinkedIn if I can help you in any way. ReadWrite has found, and LinkedIn has confirmed to us, that a far But it struck me at the time that the “Follow” button actually made a lot of. Add a Follow Company button to your website to increase your followers and influence on LinkedIn. If your company has a LinkedIn Company.

LinkedIn provides a selection of buttons that you can add to WordPress-based or other websites to promote yourself and provide a fast way for people to join. It allows you (as the follower) to view another LinkedIn member's posts without having to connect with them. The sharing only moves in one.