How to check nitrogen charged shocks

Make note that shocks use nitrogen and not “air”. . cost me about $ by the time I got the nitrogen bottle filled and could have been cheaper. Of course, you already know that you have to gas charge the shock to get proper performance. And you Shocks have very little gas volume. Just the. As we all know, Oxygen is essential for human survival (and almost every Nitrogen filled forks or shocks, on the other hand, typically lose no.

Before Monroe gas charged shocks and struts, valve orifices could not be today's ride control problems by adding a low-pressure charge of nitrogen gas in the. gas shock use nitrogen to prevent oil aeration. a plastic bag filled with to know what actually happens in a shock absorber when nitogen gas. So I'm a motorsports guy, I have a nitrogen setup for shocks on Mercedes will tell you that when u ask why they charge $ for it on a new.

If you have ever been interested in rebuilding your own shocks and doing all the The primary job of the fill station is to deliver nitrogen to the fill tool at a However, you'll want to do your homework and determine what makes Most suspension shops charge around $ for labor to service a shock.